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2012 News & Press Release


CEO message was updated.

Toward a new stage for our 10th anniversary.

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Announcement of the revised organization as of May 1, 2012

The following is our revised organization as of May 1, 2012.

This is mainly to enhance quality as well as communication as a basis of the quality that are both important to increasing development directly-linked to our customers' products.

Analog Development Division and System Development have been newly created under Platform Development Department, in order to make more improvement of the quality.
Current director, Kazuyoshi Kikuta, takes over as CHO(Clue Human Officer), to promote smooth communication of our development team with our customers and partners.

We have also adjusted the development structure for in-house product, Power Amplifier, that is growing and passed on to our leading business.

R&D Center, that led development of the Power Amplifier, has been dissolved but instead enlarged as R&D Promotion under Platform Development, for the purpose of making new in-house product that meets market needs through closed cooperation with the development team.

We expect that this new framework helps to launch out new products into the world, which is realized by our own high-level technology and merged technology of analog, firmware and system.

We continue to grow as a company that meets expectation of customers and contributes to providing reconstruction support for Tohoku area and to creating safe and comfortable society.
Last but not least, we greatly appreciate your continuous support and cooperation.


Opening of Tohoku Regional Office (Northeast area of Japan)

D-CLUE Technologies Co., Ltd.(CEO:Ishikawa,Akihiko) plans to open a new office in Tohoku region in 2013, for the purpose of providing long-term reconstruction support for this areas affected by last year's Great East Japan Earthquake as well as contributing to reviving Japan.

By working on long-term and sustainable reconstruction with the local people,including applying our environmental electronic technology to development of a smart city, we are looking to create the new future filled with hopes.

We, D-CLUE Technologies Co., Ltd., continue to build the society where we treat people with respect and consideration by maintaining manufacturing technology giving thoughtfulness unique to Japan and also moving people.


Opening of Taiwan Office

D-CLUE Technologies Co., Ltd.(CEO:Ishikawa,Akihiko)is to open Taiwan Office in Taipei as of June 1, in order to expand the manufacturing business in global marketing cooperation with our local partner.