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"Toward a new stage for our 10th anniversary"

Plesident & CEO Akihiko Ishikawa

Thanks to the continued business and support we receive from our customers and partners, we are truly grateful to celebrate our 10th anniversary on June of this year, which is to be a major transition to us. We would like to express our deepest appreciation toward your cooperation.

We again commit ourselves to contribute to reinstatement of Japanese Monozukuri with worldwide perspective, in consideration of our social mission. Since the company was established, we have supported our customers in improving functionality and efficiency of their existing products as well as developing new products. Furthermore, we believe that it is now a major transition for Japanese manufacturing technology, and proceed to move aggressively into new areas and new direction of the Japanese technology to make a difference.

For several years, with respect to our spirit based on humanism, Development Division has put forward "Feel, process and connect", and we are applying the concept to our customers' needs, such as sensor network and M2M. So far we have applied our model to environmental and FA-related areas, but with declining birthrate and aging population progressing, also we start to shift towards as human health and social infrastructure to achieve increased social comfort and safety. Based on our core technology made of the combination of analog, firmware and system, we will continue to evolve with changing times to be a leading company.

As for Mass Production Division, it has made a large growth in the 9th fiscal year, and we look toward to even further growth through an even closer collaboration with Development Division.

Furthermore, we will extend business based on the world's first Power Amplifier that supports 20 bands launched in the 9th fiscal year, and at the same time we will develop newly products by strengthening linkage between Development Division and Mass Production Division.

As far regional locations, domestic bases are to be expanded and international development is also put in perspective. We plan to open a new office in Tohoku region in 2013, for the purpose of providing long-term reconstruction support to eastern Japan. By working with local people and applying our environmental electronic technology to the development of a smart city, we are looking to create the new future filled with hopes and revive Japan.

At the same time, for the beginning of the 10th fiscal year we have opened a new office in Taiwan (Taipei) on June 1st, as a base of international development. This is intended to extend our corporate activity based on humanism and to deliver both development and product business to global market based on cooperation with partners in Taiwan.

As noted above, we consistently continue to make circle to connect person with person, company with company, person with future and finally Japan with the world, in this transition to the 10th fiscal year.

"Moving forward with appreciation, passion while respecting one's basis"

Although we enlarge the scene of our activities at this new fiscal year as stated, while being a small company, we, D-CLUE Technologies, remain unchanged in aiming through Japanese Monozukuri to make a society that respects and treats people well, also moves people heart, and with always appreciation in mind.

While trend is to the supremacy of science or economy which undermine global environment and increase a societal trend to devalue life nowadays, we have the underlying thought that we are kept alive by the earth.

The "D" in our company name, D-CLUE, stands for Design, Dream, Development and Dynamic. Clue means a clue to the solution as well as connection. By turning full of passion into our energy, we continue to make contribution to build society. We strongly believe and carry on that our meaningful action that each of us takes will arouse sympathy, build a large circle among people and finally make a difference in society.

Last but not least, we stay on our company mission to grow and make a social contribution through business activity at this 10th fiscal year; we greatly appreciate your continuous support and cooperation.

Akihiko Ishikawa