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2009 News & Press Release


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We aim to exhibit our technology based on "the humanism valuing human's will and heart" for the environmental problem of the earth and corporate social contribution.

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D-CLUE Power Amplifier drives Industry leading ecology solutions for next generation mobile communications

Tokyo, Japan - March 24, 2009 - D-CLUE Technologies Co., Ltd. (CEO: Akihiko Ishikawa) today announces new Power Amplifier road map to deliver the Industry leading high performance Power Amplifier(PA) for mobile WiMAX, LTE, and next generation mobile communications. D-CLUE Technologies has developed the low power consumption and high efficiency PA technology : HiPAE Power Amplifier DC1202/DC1203 for Mobile WiMAX and starts the production and planning 100K/month volume shipping until the end of this year.

Power Amplifer